MB Zodiac Communication Sign

MB Free Zodiac Communication Sign describes your characteristics based on the placement of Mercury in your birth chart. Mercury is a planet which is considered to be the planet of Communication. This sign describes your communication abilities, thinking

Network Communication System  v.2.0

Network Communication System is local area network (LAN) communication utility. Network Communication System is a user-friendly application for real-time chatting and quick messaging in small or home office (SO/HO) local networks.


Qnext- Unified Communication & Sharing

Qnext unifies Communication, Broadcasting & digital media Sharing. 4-way Video, 8-way Voice, all contacts in one place, Universal Instant Messenger MSN-Yahoo-AIM-ICQ-Google talk-Jabber-IRC. Group chat, File transfer at any size. Instantly Share Files,

Nokia Communication Centre BETA  v.7. 1. 2008

A new updated beta-version of Nokia Communication Centre 2.0 has been released. This is a program that allows working with contacts, messages and now also with calendar at your desktop and then synchronize information with Nokia smart phone.

Radmin Communication Client  v.

Radmin Communication Client 3.0 by Famatech is an advanced module for Windows. It is delivered on a freeware basis and there is a direct link from the developer's website, where we can download this product free of charge.

Communication Systems  v.1.0

Communication Systems, Carlson, Communication System Solutions Manual,

Encrypted Communication  v.1.0

Encrypted Communication is a Firefox addon, encrypt messages to be transmitted in a confidential way. This add-on can be used to transmit messages in a confidential way by encrypting them before they are actually sent. It works by catching the

AJAX Education & Communication Platform  v.2007.06.21

A web-based AJAX education and communication platform for schools including exam functions, messaging system, instance management and much more.

Library for communication with Casio PV  v.0.4

This project develops a library for the communication with a Casio Pocket Viewer

HP Communication Reset  v.1.1.1

The HP 33xx (specifically my 3330) software often loses the ability to connect to your printer/scanner, etc.

Cross Cultural Communication

Speedy Information toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find information on Sports and 400 odd niches. Easily gain all the information you need directly from your browser tool bar.

C++ Communication Services Framework  v.0.7.7

A C++ framework utilizing Design Patterns for creating Linux and Windows communications applications that contain Dialogic products.

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